5 beneficial tips for Using Facebook ads for Ecommerce

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tips for Using Facebook ads for Ecommerce

With having 1.39 billion active users and 1.19 billion mobile users on Facebook per month. Statically it has projected that the average time spent on Facebook per day per user is 40 minutes. Facebook accounts for more than 38.6% and 19.9% respectively for the total digital media ads spending. Now its time to take advantage of excellent Facebook ads platforms for your business promotion. With the successive ad retention rate of around 75%, Facebook always stands ahead in E-commerce Promotion. If you haven’t used Facebook ads platforms than Hurry up !! and engaged yourself in finding and setting your own potential custom audience.

1: Using Multi Product Advertisements

As the name Propose, the multiproduct ads will allow you to showcase several products at the same time on Facebook. This type of ads can help in increasing conversion as the more product the customer can see there is more probability of chances that the customer will click on the ad.

2: Run Retargeting ad Campaigns
If you have already created your e-commerce base and know your potential target market than you must have also experienced that 65% of online shoppers end up abandoning carts. So, what can you do in order to get them back? Retargeting ads came into a picture of settling this issue and chance of attracting new and old customers coming and buying your products. it makes a complete sense to use retargeting campaigns. If you are investing your time and money on finding new customers to convince them to buy your product than it should be worth it to work on those who already interested in what you are selling.

3: Make sure you use Facebook Tracking code
Whenever you see traditional banner ads it becomes very difficult to track the behavior of the audience but When you see online ads particularly on Facebook you can easily track each and every details and behavior of your own target set of audience. Facebook Tracking Code is nothing but a tracking tool to know the behavior rate and online visibility. It is mandatory to establish a tracking code which tracks each and every information about your target audience.

4: Use Post that is not about selling
Your Pivotal goal is to sell your products online but not all your ads should be about selling. Use Generic Content-oriented post to get more organic traffic. Sometimes you must have to post something creative and informational content without convincing people about buying your product to make them aware of your brand. One thing that you can post about is an event related to your business, brand, or product. You can get creative about the nature of the event that you will be promoting.

5: Improve Your Brand identity
Social brand monitoring tools can help you in improving your brand and stay tuned with the audience. ORM (Online Reputation Management) helps to inspect your brand and recognize your brand worldwide. You must be careful when considering what identity to create as it can backfire. If you do not have a graphic designer on staff, strongly consider hiring a graphic design agency

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