New Ways to Drive Traffic to Websites

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New Ways to Drive Traffic to Websites

Most small businesses are already well aware of the power of search engine
optimization. Optimizing sites and content for search engines like Google helps drive traffic to websites, introducing more potential customers to your brand. However, SEO isn’t the only way for brands to increase traffic to
There are many tactics that you can use to help drive more traffic back to your site while building relationships with leads and customers. Some of them might require an up-front investment, while others just require your time and energy. The key is finding out which tactics work best for your business and focusing your efforts there.

  1. Create great content. (And mix it up!)
    Creating great content plays a huge role in your SEO. However, it goes beyond that. People are more likely to be interested in visiting a site with
    helpful, well-written content that offers some type of value.
    They are also more likely to share great content online with their own audience. Which can drive even more traffic back to your site? Make sure
    that the content you create is relevant to your audience’s interests and
  2. List your business on online directories
    Find directories that are relevant to your industry or area. In addition to industry directories like Angie’s List or Thumbtack, you can also list your site on local directories. Many areas have a chamber of commerce site or
    another local business directory where you can list your business and include a link back to your site. In addition to the industry or local business directories, you should also make sure that your business is listed on review sites like Yelp. Encourage your best customers to leave your business reviews on these sites. Not only will these reviews help your SEO, but they will also encourage those looking for brands like yours to visit your site and learn more.

3. Be active on social media.
First, you will need to make sure that you promote blog posts or other useful content assets from your website across your social media channels. This will help get your followers to head back to your site to learn more and potentially convert. In addition to sharing content on social media, you also need to be active in the comments. Answer questions, start a conversation or even show your gratitude in
the comments section of your posts.

4. Guest blog on relevant sites.
Your own blog isn’t the only place that you can reach your target audience through great content. You can also guest blog on other blogs or relevant sites about topics that are important to your audience. When you write a guest blog,
you are often able to include links back to your own site, which helps drive more traffic to specific blog posts or site pages. Once you have found relevant sites that will accept blog posts, you will need to carefully consider which topics are most appropriate for a guest blog pitch. Not only do you want to write about topics that are relevant to your audience, but they also need to be appropriate for the site you will be guest posting on.

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