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Visual Marketing Strategy plays an important role in digital marketing. As you can see that when you go to google and type avengers character Thanos than you will see the little cartoon Infinity Gauntlet on the right side click on that and probably you will see it snaps half of your search results into dust in the wind. How this all is happening? Which digital strategy does Avengers last series end game use? Generally, we call it an Easter Egg or Snap Engine Optimization that is being used in the Avengers the last series to recall the memories of all their respective series and syndicate the visual promotion strategies to target specific audience group. Having just sailed past $60 million for the biggest ever preview. Just like Avengers: Endgame the animation also lasts for a while. The results disappear with an accompanying sound effect as the pages scroll up and down, reliving the cliff hanger ending from the previous film.  There’s an international innovative rollout from Coca-Cola Zero Sugar that reimagines Infinity War hero themes on its packaging. From Iron Man’s bleeding-edge technology to Hawk Eye’s precision, each Avenger represents a competitive marketing strategy. When combined, the Avengers are indomitable, like a finely honed and optimized marketing campaign. By applying their powers together, they have the capacity to save the world (and marketing) one episode (or campaign) at a time.

What Can Iron Man Teach Digital Marketers?
As Iron Man aligns brand power and strategy with his latest technology. Like in the
same manner Marketers cannot achieve optimal performance with brain power alone. But when aligned with the right technology, marketing efforts can be maximized.
What Can Captain America Teach Digital Marketers?
With the diversification of needs, audiences may have different media consumption habits. To target their prospective consumers effectively, marketers must understand the geographic, demographic and psychographic traits of their target and custom audience. One size does not fit all. Especially as media evolves and fragments, marketers must embrace multiple channels to capture the attention of their targets.

What Can Hawkeye Teach Digital Marketers?
Hawkeye trained with human talent and ambition, not superpowers, to become the fighter he is. Sometimes, staying targeted is the best approach. Hawkeye found his niche market and he mastered it. He focused on quality over quantity to become the
ultimate archer.

What Can Thor Teach Digital Marketers?
If you discover a secret weapon, invest in it. If your objective is to satisfy customers and one channel is generating leads with the highest propensity to convert, scale that channel. Diversification is important, but not if it reduces your ability to amplify
What Can Hulk Teach Digital Marketers?
While Dr. Banner knows quality and intellect lead to success, Hulk learns the hard way that chaos and force lead to destruction. The Hulk approach to marketing would be spending big bucks without a strategy. But successful marketing requires measurable objectives and targeted strategies, more in line with Dr. Banner’s scientific method.

The Avengers may be busy fighting in Infinity War, but the team
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